Services of the AIS of Ukraine
Amendment Service to the AIP


Amendments to AIP issued on loose-leaf sheets.
Two types of AMDT are issued:
AIRAC AIP AMDT issued in accordance with AIRAC system and are identified by pink cover sheet and the acronym AIRAC AIP AMDT, incorporates operationally significant permanent changes into AIP on the indicated AIRAC effective date;
- AIP AMDT issued when necessary and is identified by a light blue cover sheet and the acronym AIP AMDT, incorporate permanent changes into the AIP on the indicated publication date.
A brief description of the subjects affected by the amendment is given on the AIP Amendment cover sheet. New information included on the reprinted AIP pages can be identified by the effective date annotation, in the form of AIRAC Cycle abbreviation in square brackets, reported at the end of the pertinent paragraphs. The paragraph is also highlighted by a vertical line on the left margin of the page.
Each AIP page and each AIP replacement page introduced by an amendment is dated and the indication of the Amendment type and number is indicated in square brackets. The date consists of the day, month (by ICAO abbreviation) and year, for scheduled AIP AMDT it's the publication date, and for the AIRAC AIP AMDT the effective date of the information.
Each AIP amendment cover sheet includes references to the identification and serial number of those elements of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package which have been incorporated in the AIP by the amendment, if any, and are consequently cancelled.
Each AIP AMDT and each AIRAC AIP AMDT are allocated with separate serial numbers which are consecutive and based on the calendar year. The year, indicated by two digits, is a part of the serial number of the amendment, e. g. AIP AMDT 01/01; AIRAC AIP AMDT 01/01.
A checklist of AIP pages containing page number and publication (scheduled AIP AMDT) or effective date of the information (AIRAC AIP AMDT) is reissued with each amendment as an integral part of the AIP.