Services of the AIS of Ukraine
AIS publications in ISO-format(price list)


AIS publications is distributed in ISO-format. ISO-format is an exact copy of the image file of the AIS publications of Ukraine. The following publications are available:
Aeronautical information products of Ukraine (eAIP of Ukraine,eAIP AMDT, eAIP SUP, AIC, List of valid NOTAM);
VFR Airfield Guide (VFR AMDT, VFR SUP);
AIS publications of Ukraine in ISO-format will be updated on effective date AIRAC AIP AMDT or publication date AIP AMDT. AIS publications of Ukraine are provided in ISO-format upon receipt the user name login and password. Once the request has been processed, users will be sent the user name login and password to the provided email address.


The prices for the year 2024 for subscription are determined as follows (annual subscription):
eAIP of Ukraine, eAIP AMDT, eAIP SUP, AIC, List of valid NOTAM USD 1200,00
VFR Airfield Guide, VFR AMDT and VFR SUP USD 186,00
Aeronautical chart of Ukraine 1:500000 (8 sheets) USD 144,00


***Recommended system requirements for access to the website and download as ISO-format:
- Windows 7 or later;
Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome;
Adobe Acroabat Reader;
WinRAR or 7-zip.