AIS of Ukraine
_         Aeronautical Information Service of Ukraine


This is official web-site of AIS of Ukraine.
Subscription to access the reserved area of AIS Ukraine web-site will permit the download of all printed products of AIS of Ukraine in the form of .pdf files. Moreover the following web services will be available:

- consultation of the aeronautical database for Ukraine;
- worldwide NOTAM retrieval in English;
- Pre-Flight Bulletin service in English;

More detailed information concerning the access to web-site is in the section "Services of the AIS of Ukraine"



List of valid NOTAM Series A and C 01 MAR 2023 is on-line.


AIP SUP 02/22 "Changes to the section GEN 4.2 AIP of Ukraine" is on-line.


AIC A 04/22 "Schedule of AIRAC effective dates and other significant dates for aeronautical information publications in 2023" is online.


AIC A 03/22 "Order of the aeronautical information services of AIS of Ukraine for 2023" is on-line.


AIRAC AIP AMDT 03/22, effective date 24 MAR 2022, issued and on-line. 


Dear current and future subscribers of the VFR Airfield Guide! We would like to inform you that to improve compliance with the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with reference to the integrity of aeronautical information, starting from 27.01.2022 (publication date 16.12.2021), the VFR Airfield Guide will include aerodromes, heliports and landing sites available for VFR flights only. Aeronautical information for aerodromes and heliports with instrument flight procedures will continue to be published in the AIP of Ukraine.


GEN 4.2 AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES CHARGES is online and open to free access.